Brookside Tree Care

Brookside Tree Care

Taking care of the trees is just a major part of being a homeowner in Brookside, Kansas City. The homeowners pride themselves on having excellent landscaping, and healthy trees are the first step. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care has been Brookside tree care specialists for decades. Our team is qualified, trained and experienced in inspecting trees for infections and diseases. We provide the services to keep your trees healthy and beautiful!

Tree Services We Offer:

  • Tree Trimming: Tree trimming keeps your trees healthy, growing and beautiful.
  • Tree Removal: Tree removal can be done when your tree has been damaged by storms, or is leaning and causing danger to your home, vehicle or persons.
  • Stump Removal: Stump removal is offered to remove unsightly stumps from your property. It is essential to have them removed to keep infections or diseases from spreading to your other trees and plants.
  • Stump Grinding: Stump grinding is an excellent service we offer that allows us to use our special equipment. Our stump grinder will grind your stump and not damage your landscaping.

Brookside, Kansas City Facts

Brookside, Kansas City was built in 1920 and has over seventy different shops and restaurants that have maintained that hometown appeal and charm. It isn’t just all about shopping and dining, it is also known for their outstanding art galleries.

There is so much to do and enjoy in this quaint town. It will take visitors more than one day to enjoy all the activities. One activity that doesn’t cost visitors any money is just admiring the architecture and homes around town. The residents pride themselves on having beautiful landscaping and homes.

Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care is well-known in Brookside, Kansas City. We are the tree care specialists that the residents depend on. With our level of experience and quality service, we thrive on keeping the trees in town healthy and beautiful. Give us a call for all of your tree care services!