Fairway Tree Service

Fairway Tree Service

Homeowners in Fairway, Kansas want their trees healthy and looking pretty; which requires annual trimming and pruning. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care has been providing excellent tree service for homeowners for over twenty years. Our employees are trained and qualified. We know when it’s the right time to trim a tree. We want your trees looking the best possible, while maintaining their health. We thrive on always providing high quality tree care service for residents.

Tree Services We Offer:

  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding

Our tree services will keep your trees healthy and looking good. When a tree is trimmed by an untrained professional, damages or death can occur to your trees. Our tree specialists will not only trim your trees, but also check for infection and diseases. If it can’t be saved by tree trimming, we offer also provide tree removal and stump removal. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care covers all your tree service needs.

Fairway, Kansas Town Information

Fairway, Kansas has a population of nearly 4,000 and was incorporated in 1949. It is also known as “The City of Trees.” It is a quiet, small town and just a few minutes from Kansas City. Visitors can visit the Shawnee Indian Mission Historical Site, which is a big part of this town’s history. One of the oldest churches is the Old Mission United Methodist Church. Residents and visitors love the beauty that the church provides.

If you are looking to just relax and enjoy the scenery of the city, then the Neal Peterson Park is an ideal spot. Downtown offers that small hometown atmosphere. Strolling down Main Street visiting the local merchants and restaurants is always fun to do. Fairway  residents like the simple life. With Fairway being known as “The City of Trees”, the residents pride themselves on keeping their trees looking great.

At Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care, we understand your trees are important to you. We want your yard to look amazing, too. To do this you should keep your trees healthy and trimmed. If you need tree care done to your trees, give us a call today!

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