Stump Removal in Mission Hills, KS

Stump Removal in Mission Hills, KS

Having stump removal isn’t just about the appearance benefit that it can bring to your landscaping. Having the service will keep insects, snakes and other animals and infections away. Mission Hills, KS residents turn to Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care for their stump removal. We know the importance of having a beautiful lawn, but also a healthy and insect free lawn too. Our expert technicians are skilled and qualified in providing amazing stump removal. We are insured and bonded along with having the right equipment to remove your stumps. With over twenty years of experience, we can effectively remove your stumps.

How do you remove a stump? What equipment is used?

Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care uses a special equipment called a stump grinder. The stump grinder chips away at the tree that is on the top of the ground, but also gets in the ground to remove all the stump deep inside the ground. It uses a chipping action to chip away at the stump and only leaving fresh mulch.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is done by using the stump grinder. It chips away at the stump and roots to remove them quickly and effectively. The only thing the homeowner will see when the stump has been removed is a nice area of fresh mulch.

Will the equipment damage my sidewalk, driveway, lawn or landscaping?

When a professional tree service uses a stump grinder, then there will be damage to the sidewalk, driveway, lawn or landscaping. Some tree services don’t use the stump grinder and other equipment can damage the lawn and landscaping because the equipment shreds the area where the stump is located. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care only uses a stump grinder, so homeowner’s don’t have to worry about their lawn or property. We are specialized in using the stump grinder that we can get within inches of your sidewalk or driveway and never do any damage.

What will I see after the stump removal service is completed?

When the stump removal has been completed there will be no trace of a tree stump available. Homeowners are surprised when the job is completed and all they see is a patch of mulch. All tree roots are removed along with the unattractive stump.

How much mulch can I expect from my stump once it has been removed?

The amount of mulch that a homeowner can expect from the stump removal will vary. It depends on the size of the stump that is being removed. Many times, homeowners will have plenty of mulch left over after the space has been covered to add the fresh mulch around their landscaping.

What does stump removal cost?

To determine the cost of having a stump removed depends on a few factors, which include:

  • The size of the stump
  • The depth of the stump
  • The roots
  • The type of tree

All of these factors will determine the cost. Stump removal is affordable. If you have a stump on your property that you would like removed, then the first step is contacting a professional stump removal service.

Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care is Mission Hills, KS stump removal service. With twenty years of dedicated stump removal service for Mission Hills residents, we can provide quality workmanship for all stumps. Call us today and one of our stump removal technicians can come to your home and estimate your stump removal project.

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