Overland Park Stump Removal

Overland Park Stump Removal

Overland Park, KS residents are proud of their well-maintained and beautiful yards. When homeowners have a tree removed, they may also select to have the stump removed, too. They want nothing unattractive left in their yard. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care removes old stumps from Overland Park, KS residents. We have been providing stump removal for the residents for over twenty years. We have special stump equipment. We thrive on providing quick and affordable stump removal for all homeowners of Overland Park.

How do you remove a stump? What equipment is used?

A stump can be removed easily by using a stump grinder. A stump grinder is a special equipment that grinds the stump out. It doesn’t tear up the homeowner’s yard like some other machines do. It is cost effective. It grinds the stump into mulch. The mulch can be used around your landscaping.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is a process of using a stump grinder to remove tree stumps. Stump grinding with a grinder leaves no damage to the landscape, requires less dirt to fill in the hole and is affordable. A stump grinder is needed, but not many tree service companies have this special equipment.

Will the equipment damage my sidewalk, driveway, lawn or landscaping?

Homeowners don’t have to worry about any damages being done when the stump grinder is being used. Our stump grinder can be used all types of lawns and landscaping. We are able to use the stump grinder within inches of sidewalks and driveways and no damage is ever created. The best benefit is our stump grinder leaves no visual indication that we have been on your landscaping.

What will I see after the stump removal service is completed?

Once the stump removal has been completed the homeowner will see a nice covering of mulch where the stump once was. The area will be ready to do whatever you choose to do in the area as all of the stump and roots will be gone.

How much mulch can I expect from my stump?

The amount of mulch that can be expected from a stump removal will depend on the size of the stump. All stumps are different in size. A large tree stump can produce a large amount of mulch. Once the stump has been removed the mulch will first cover the area where the stump was located, then the remainder of the mulch the homeowner can use around their landscaping.

What does stump removal cost?

The stump removal cost can vary. The height, diameter, kind of tree and the exposed surface roots will determine the cost of having the removal done. To know the exact cost of stump removal, it is always recommended that homeowners call a professional stump removal service.

If you would like to have a stump removed, then call the stump removal experts in Overland Park, KS. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care has been providing stump removal for the residents for over two decades. They have the right equipment, insurance, bonding and are qualified to offer the best stump removal service possible. Call us and let us remove those unsightly stumps from your lawn today!

Overland Park Stump Removal