Shawnee Stump Removal

Shawnee Stump Removal

Having an appealing lawn and landscaping will increase the value of your property. Having an unattractive stump on your property can drastically reduce a home’s value. Shawnee, KS homeowners like their lawn and landscaping to look great. Not for just the improvement in the value, but because they are proud of their city and the appearance the city possesses. When a homeowner in Shawnee needs a stump removed from their property they call the stump removal experts, Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care. We have been providing stump removal for Shawnee residents for over two decades. We know that it is important to keep the city looking its best and we want to provide excellence when it comes to removing your stumps. We use the latest technology in equipment. Our employees are all trained and experienced. Our priority is our customers. We offer a satisfaction guarantee to Shawnee residents.

How do you remove a stump? What equipment is used?

A stump can be removed two different ways. One way is the old way. This is by using a backhoe, saws, shovels and a lot of manpower. The second way is by using a stump grinder. A stump grinder is used by a tree service company that uses the latest technology in equipment. A stump grinder is cost effective for the customer and provides many benefits too.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding involves using a stump grinder that is a special machine that grinds up the stump into mulch. The stump grinder shreds and mulches the stump quicker, and without damaging the homeowner’s property.

Will the equipment damage my sidewalk, driveway, lawn or landscaping?

A stump grinder is safe to use. It doesn’t damage any property when it is being used by a trained, professional tree service provider. A professional will be able to use the stump grinder at any location, without damaging any surface. It can be used just a couple inches away from a sidewalk and no damage is done, but a professional must know how to operate a stump grinder.

What will I see after the stump removal service is completed?

Homeowner’s are surprised when the service has been completed because the area is free of any stump. The only thing that is visible is mulch over the area where the stump once sat. The stump removal provider cleans up the area, so you will have a beautiful yard once again.

How much mulch can I expect from my stump?

The amount of mulch that you can expect from your stump will depend on the size and depth of the stump. Homeowner’s will usually have extra mulch left to use for landscaping projects.

What does stump removal cost?

There is no set price for stump removal. When a stump removal service determines the cost of removing a stump they need to consider a few factors, which include:

  • The size of the stump
  • The depth of the stump
  • Accessibility

Every stump is different, which means the cost will be different. If you would like to know the exact cost to have a stump removed from your home, then you should call a professional stump removal company. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care is that professional stump removal company. We have twenty years of dedicated stump removal experience for Shawnee, KS residents. We are fully insured, bonded and licensed. We use a stump grinder for all our stump removals. Call us today for all stump removal questions.