Overland Park Tree Removal - a Great Value

Overland Park Tree Removal – a Great Value

Overland Park, KS residents can experience severe winds and storms. The winds and storms can do damage to your trees. Trees are knocked over, damaged and need to be removed. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Service understands about tree removals. We have been the tree removal service for Overland Park for over twenty years. We are licensed, insured and bonded to remove all trees. Homeowners can rest assured when we are removing a tree on their property. We use all safety measures to protect you and your property.

When is Tree Removal Necessary?

Unfortunately, sometimes tree removal is necessary. There are signs that will show you when tree removal is necessary, which include:

  • The tree is dying
  • There are visible signs of decay
  • Considered hazardous – close to home
  • Causes obstruction
  • Storm damaged
  • For safety reasons
  • Aesthetic purposes

Will You Remove or Haul Away the Debris?

When homeowners choose Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care for tree removal, you can rest assure knowing we will remove and haul away all the debris. We never leave the homeowner will a mess. We will even remove the stump of the tree. We have a special stump grinder that removes unsightly stumps. Our team is dedicated in leaving your property better than it was when we arrived.

Will the Equipment Ruin My Lawn or Damage My Landscaping?

Homeowners of Oakland Park don’t have to worry about their lawn or landscaping being ruined. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Service understand how important your landscaping and yard is. We take special measures to ensure that your lawn and landscaping is never damaged or ruined.

Am I (Or my Insurance) Responsible if any Damage Happens to my Property or Anyone Else’s?

If a tree falls on your property and causes damages, then your homeowners insurance is responsible. If one of your trees falls on your neighbor’s property and causes damages, then your homeowners insurance is responsible. You pay homeowners insurance for those times when something may happen. This would include falling limbs and trees. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Service is used to dealing with homeowner’s insurance companies. They can be your insurance advocate.

What does it mean if My Tree Expert is licensed?

A professional tree service company should be licensed. If your tree expert says they are licensed, then this means they are licensed to work in your city and state. A professional tree expert should be licensed, insured and bonded.

What is the Cost of Tree Removal?

It would be a perfect world if there was a set price for a tree removal. Unfortunately, there is no set price. The cost of having a tree removed from your property have many factors, which include:

  • Size of the tree
  • Where the tree is located
  • Is the tree fallen on the house?
  • Condition of the tree

Why Do I Need a Professional to Remove a Tree?

There are many reasons to choose a professional to remove a tree. A professional tree service will be licensed, bonded and insured. This protects you and your home from any accidents that could possibly occur. Another reason to choose a professional is they are trained and qualified. Removing a tree is not an easy task. You have to have the right equipment, employees and the skills.

Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care is the tree removal specialists in Overland Park, KS. They have been providing professional tree removal for over 20 years. All employees are trained, qualified and insured. Homeowners will receive only professional tree service with our company. For more information on tree removal in Oakland Park, give us a call today!