Shawnee Tree Removal

Shawnee Tree Removal

Shawnee, KS residents like to have their landscaping looking great and to do this they depend on their trees being healthy and maintained. If one of their trees is unhealthy or damaged, they want it removed quickly. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care has been the tree removal experts for Shawnee, KS residents for over twenty years. We understand the importance of a beautiful yard and landscaping. We offer quick and affordable tree removal. We make sure to provide excellence when it comes to our services. We are fully insured and bonded, so our employees are trained and experienced. We thrive on providing the best tree removal service available.

When is tree removal necessary?

Sometimes it is necessary to have a tree removed. When a tree is too unhealthy to recover or has been damaged by a storm,  it necessary to have the tree removed. Other reasons it is necessary to have a tree removed is when it is obstructing power lines, view of driving, children play area, leaning over a property line or if it is depreciating the value of a home.

If you remove a tree from my property, will you haul or remove the debris?

Our company will remove and haul away all debris from your property. When we are hired to remove a tree,  removing the debris is part of the job. We never leave a homeowner’s property full of debris for them to worry about. Unlike our competitors, our tree removal includes debris removal along with offering the homeowner the option of removing the stump. We have special equipment that will quickly and effectively remove the tree stump, which is difficult for the homeowner to do alone.

Will the equipment ruin my lawn or damage my landscaping?

We use heavy equipment. Sometimes, it is necessary for our team to use heavy equipment, but just because we use heavy equipment doesn’t mean we will ruin the homeowner’s lawn or landscaping. We take special precautions to make sure your lawn and landscaping is safe and protected. We know that homeowners put a lot of time and money into their landscaping and we respect this by taking all measurements to keep your property safe.

Am I (or my insurance) responsible if any damages happens to my property or anyone else’s?

If any damages happens to your property, then your insurance is responsible. The insurance company is also responsible if any damages happens to anyone else’s property. For example, if you have a friend at your home and a storm comes in and a tree falls on your friend’s car, then your insurance company is responsible for the recovery or damages occurred to the car, due to the tree that was on your property. The only thing you are responsible for is the deductible. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care knows how to deal with insurance companies in Shawnee. We have been doing it for over twenty years. We know how to fill out the claim and get you and anyone else’s property fixed quickly and without you paying.

What does it mean if my tree expert is licensed?

When a tree expert is licensed, then it means they are legally able to perform tree service in your city. The tree expert has made sure that they are licensed in the city and state that they are performing tree service. This is very important when it comes to a tree service. You will know that they are professionals, because they have taken the appropriate steps needed to work in your city.

What is the cost of tree removal?

Unfortunately, there is no set fee cost to remove a tree. The cost depends on the size of tree, the location of the tree along with equipment needed and labor. The only way to know the exact cost to remove a tree is to have a tree service company come out and look at the tree. The company will be able to look over the tree and give an exact cost.

Why do I need to hire a professional to remove a tree?

Hiring a professional tree service company is important. A professional tree service company carries the required insurance and bonding along with a license. They also make sure their employees are trained, qualified and have experience. A great professional tree service company will give you an estimate for your tree removal, and stick to that estimate.

It is essential to hire a professional tree service company. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care is that professional tree service to hire in Shawnee, KS. We have been providing honest, quality tree removal for over two decades to Shawnee residents. We value our customers. We carry insurance. We are licensed and certified. We are professionals in the tree service business. Call us today for all your tree service needs.