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A tree is an amazing work of nature. Tall, strong, and beautiful. But like all things in nature they eventually break down. Trees are susceptible to disease from insects and other stresses mother nature throws at them. A dead or rotting tree on your property can be dangerous if not taken care of. Reduce your liability, secure your home, and get peace of mind knowing your property is safe for your family and guests.

Tree Removal
Done Safely

Safety is the biggest concern you probably have when you decide to get a tree removed. Anyone can cut down a tree, but few can make it land in the right spot safely. One small mistake and major damage or injury can happen. You need to be confident you’re working with an experienced tree removal company that has safely removed thousands of trees. You can rest easy knowing Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree care is professional and safe.

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Our Safe Tree
Removal Process

What guarantees safe tree removal is having a thorough process that our trained and experienced crew follow on every job.

Examine The Tree

We closely examine the tree taking note of curvatures, general tree lean and possible decay. This helps us determine what is the best direction it should fall.

Clear The Area

When the tree hits the ground there should be a flat surface for it to fall onto. We calculate the height of the tree and make a clear and flat landing zone.

Identify Fall Zones

If your tree doesn’t cooperate, we have back up plans for how we can manipulate it to fall into a safe place. We also prepare our crew for emergency safe zones.

Prep Our Equipment

We double check all the equipment we’ll be using and make sure we have everything we need in the proper place for safety and efficiency.

Start The Undercut

To control the fall direction and ensure everyone’s safety, we cut a V-shape at a 45-degree angle at the bottom of the side we want the tree to fall.

Start The Back Cut

To release the stress on the tree’s trunk, we cut two inches above and opposite the undercut. The tree should fall safely into the landing zone.

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When You Need 
Tree Removal

Several factors might necessitate the need to have a tree removed. Although it’s not something you want to do, sometimes it’s necessary and critical. If you’re not sure if your tree needs to be removed, we can come take a look. Trees that typically need to be removed include:


Falling limbs do a lot of damage. Removing weak branches or branches obstructing walkways enhances safety.


Dead or diseased trees can fall or lose branches without notice and can be very dangerous.


A tree’s roots can cause damage to sidewalks, sewer lines, your foundation and more.


When the stability of the tree is in question, it’s time to give us a call. We can safely remove the tree so no damage occurs to your property.