Leawood Tree Trimming

Leawood Tree Trimming

Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care service can trim your trees to keep them healthy and beautiful. We have been the tree trimming experts for Leawood, KS homeowners for over twenty years. Leawood residents take pride in their lawn and landscaping and count on our excellent team to provide outstanding tree trimming. We provide annual tree trimming at an affordable price. We thrive on excellent and quality tree trimming for Leawood residents.

Why is tree trimming healthy?

Many homeowners don’t realize that trimming their trees provide health for their trees. Why is it healthy to trim your trees? Tree trimming removes dead, broken and damaged limbs from the tree. When the limbs are removed it allows the tree to grow. Trim trimming also allows air and sunlight to reach the tree. This is excellent for a healthy tree. There are many benefits for tree trimming, but providing health is the number one.

Why do I need to hire a professional for tree trimming?

Many homeowners often wonder why they need to hire a professional tree trimming company over an individual with a saw. A professional tree trimming company will have the knowledge, experience and training that is needed to trim trees. They will also carry the proper insurance, license and certification too. If you hire anyone with a saw, then more than likely they won’t have insurance, license or certification. They won’t have the knowledge about proper tree trimming and care. Homeowners will end up spending more money when they don’t hire a professional first. It can be dangerous hiring just anyone to trim your trees. Not only can they damage or kill your trees, but they could fall on your property and you are responsible if they don’t have insurance.

Is there an improper way to trim your tree?

Each year thousands of trees are killed, because of improper tree trimming. Taking too many limbs off the tree or the wrong branches can cause infections and even kill a tree. Hiring a professional tree service will ensure that your tree gets the proper trimming.

What is the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning?

Tree trimming and tree pruning is almost the same; they both remove limbs. A tree pruning involves pruning the tree at the right time of the year and using the right tools. Tree trimming removes branches and limbs and usually can be done anytime of the year.

How often should you trim your tree?

Trees should be trimmed at least once a year. By having a yearly maintenance program for your trees, you can prevent your trees from developing diseases or infections along with keeping your trees healthy. Tree trimming once a year will keep branches from obstructing views, getting close to your home or power lines.

How do you know you need to trim your tree?

Trees need to be trimmed at least once a year, but sometimes sooner. Knowing when your tree should be trimmed is as easy as calling a professional tree service. A professional  can look at your trees and let you know when the best time that you should have your trees trimmed.

Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care is that professional tree service. We have been the Leawood, KS tree service provider for over two decades. We understand the needs of trees in our area and climate. We can set up an annual tree trimming service for your trees. Give us a call today and we can come to your property and look over your trees. Trust the best in tree service business with Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care service.