Overland Park Tree Trimming

Overland Park Tree Trimming

Many homeowner’s fail to recognize how important it is to have healthy trees in their yard. Healthy trees provide shade, curb appeal and an increase in the property value. One of the main reasons to keep your trees healthy and looking their best is the trees will add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. Overland Park, KS residents should always take care of their trees, so their home value is increased. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Care can keep your home value higher by providing regular tree trimming to your trees. We have been the tree trimmers for Overland Park residents for over twenty years. We keep your trees trimmed and healthy, so you can enjoy the beauty along with raising the value of your home.

Why is tree trimming healthy?

Tree trimming is healthy for your tree because it removes dead, broken or crowded limbs. It also allows air to flow through. Tree trimming will also reduce wind resistance, which can uproot the tree. It can also allow the tree specialists to notice any diseases or bacteria that is forming on the tree. Regular tree trimming allows the tree to grow, provide shade and beauty.

Why do I need to hire a professional to trim a tree? What happens?

Why should homeowners hire a professional tree service to trim a tree? What can happen if you hire anyone to trim a tree? A professional tree trimmer will trim the branches correctly. When the branches are not trimmed correctly, then it can stunt the growth of the tree or even kill the tree. The professional knows the right time of the year to trim trees. They also will be able to detect any bacteria or infection that the tree may have. The professionals will know how much to trim. When you hire anyone to trim your trees, you risk the life of the tree. You should be trained in tree trimming to do this type of work. A professional will also carry insurance, which will protect you and your property. This is why it is essential that you only hire professionals for all your tree trimming.

What is the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning?

Tree trimming is where branches and limbs are removed from the tree. It provides a better appearance to the tree and allows the tree to stay healthy and grow. Tree pruning removes branches that are drooping, removes diseased limbs and removes branches for growth. Both are similar, but uses different tools.

What does it cost?

Tree trimming costs can vary. The cost of tree trimming can depend on:

  • Size of tree
  • Location of tree
  • Accessibility
  • The health of tree

How often should you trim your tree?

Homeowners should have their trees trimmed at least once a year. Having the trees trimmed once a year will remove all dead or damaged branches along with allowing the tree specialist to look over the tree to make sure the tree is healthy. This will prevent any diseases from taking over the tree.

How do you know you need to trim your tree?

There is no set time to have your trees trimmed, as it depends on the type of tree and the trees growth. If your tree is obstructing visibility for vehicles of pedestrians, then you should have the tree trimmed. If the tree is close to your home or power lines or is looking unpleasant, then the tree should be trimmed. To know exactly when you need to trim a tree, homeowners should call a professional tree service to evaluate the tree. A professional tree service will look at the tree and let you know when the tree should be trimmed.

If you are unsure about how, when and why to have your tree trimmed, then you should call a professional tree service. Eric Cartwright’s Custom Tree Service is that professional to call in Oakland Park, KS. We examine, evaluate and determine when the best time to trim your trees. Our goal is to make sure your trees are trimmed correctly, so they provide beauty, shade and value to your home. Call us today and we can set up an appointment for tree trimming.